Pamac-aur-git 9.5.2.r19 / 10.0.0 beta changes


If you’re using pamac-aur-git, there are some modifications.

  1. pamac-apptray-indicator is no longer available.
  2. archlinux-appstream-data-pamac is used for icon display instead of archlinux-appstream-data

I made a quick fix today. I hope to clean a little more PKGBUILD when pamac-aur-git is tagged as 10.0 final. And here are the mandatory screenshots:

Classic view:

Software view:


Reload after changing the search word doesn’t work. The search also takes much longer than with the competing product pamac-aur.

Therefore I went back to Zeph’s pamac-aur after a longer time (I also like the former layout better. Whereby I actually use pamac* only for information purposes. I (un-)install with pacman or yay.).

The package I maintain is a development version of pamac-aur. Zeph version is the stable one. So “my” version can be buggy. It is useless to report bug here.

I know that it is a dev version. That it is in active development can be seen almost every other day.

You have presented your new version here. So I write here too.

Or do you only want feedback from users who have an AUR account (and use pamac-aur-git)?

Of course it can also be an upstream problem. That would have to be reported on gitlab, right.

Here I want other potential endeavouros users to know about it as well.

I just said that it was kinda useless to report bug directly here. Anyway, I verified the broken search bug and I reported it:

Thanks for the feedback. But it is sometimes quicker to report the bug directly on gitlab. I’m not on a 24/7 schedule for computers :smiley:

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I’ve been using your version for some time now, and it has been very reliable.
Only a couple of build problems during all of this time, and you fixed them extremely fast.

So thank you for keeping this (too) alive! :+1:


When i try to install a program from the pamac, the pamac is closed.