Pamac AUR builds in tmp directory?

I was looking into the pamac GUI (install/remove software) and in the AUR section I saw that the directory used for builds is tmp, should I change it?

I am afraid that the customization I have done will be deleted and then I’ll not remember what I have installed.
Thx u all.

I don’t use a GUI but, as far as I know, the already built packages won’t disappear.

However, you might want to check “keep built packages”* to avoid cleanbuilds every time you update the package.

*They probably mean “Keep build packages”

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Thanks for the clarification!
I didn’t know that every time I updated it was done in cleanbuilds, I’ll activate that option, thank you very much!

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And just because I see you’re very new, you should read up on pamac here. It’s highly not recommended for any updates. You may find yourself broken much faster than not if you continue to use it.

The topic is extremely well documented here, so search and find out if it’s a risk you’re willing to take.



The folder is /var/tmp - which is persisitent.

Do watch out though - if you use the commandline pamac - do not use sudo - it will wreck permissions on /var/tmp/pamac and create weird issues.


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