Pacman -Syu Flagging Packages

Continuing the discussion from Libpdfium-nojs package keeps on being reinstalled:

Now there are two flagged packages, I am thinkit is time to do what @mbod did and add them to the ignore list.

→ libpdfium-nojs: local (5060.r2.57e40e8fe1-1) is newer than AUR (5060.r1.558516c323-1)
→ Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages: chrome-gnome-shell

Is this the correct way to do it?

sudo pacman -Syu --ignore libpdfium-nojs chrome-gnome-shell

Once the package maintainer has fixed whatever needs to be done, how will I know to remove the packages?

Also I cannot find how to list the packages or remove them from ignore list, so can you point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Don’t add them to IgnorePkg in /etc/pacman.conf, just don’t panic over warnings.

No, see above for the way to do that.

You won’t. That is why you shouldn’t.

You should want to know that those packages have problems that need addressing. Putting it in IgnorePkg so you forget about it doesn’t seem like a solution.

Also, it will only work with certain helpers. Some helpers don’t honor IgnorePkg for AUR packages.


Btw @HMS_Endeavour you shouldn’t still be using chrome-gnome-shell anymore, the maintainer has created a new package that you want to migrate to, so you can uninstall chrome-gnome-shell. It’s replacement is gnome-browser-connector in the AUR: HERE


Thanks for explaining how the package maintainers work.

This is exactly why I was hesitant to just put them out of site.
So an out of date AUR package can be ignored?

The libpdfium-nojs warning came up when I had megasync installed, as soon as I removed megasync as an experiment, the warning went away.

Now that I have reinstalled reinstalled megasync, which is working perfectly, I have the same warning. I figure the chrome-gnome-shell with get solved soon enough, but I see the PDF rendering package is still being maintained. I would not like to lose megasync over a badly behaved AUR package.

Thanks once again :wink:

It depends on the situation, it depends how long it has been out-of-date and what it is.

That being said, putting it ignorePkg just ignores it without being warned about it. That seems worse.

That is different. It is saying the version you have installed is newer than what is in the AUR. Maybe due to the strange versioning issue with that package that happened a while back?

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Are you running the RC or standard package?

There’s nothing to solve though, you’re using the wrong package, even the official Gnome wiki says for Arch users specifically to use gnome-browser-connector

Check out the link here, it’s the very first one:

I just run the gnome-browser-connector package, but I have tested the git version as well and it installs and works just the same, I just generally prefer to only use git packages if that’s what the maintainer recommends or if I’m keen to test the latest.

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Thanks for the advice Scotty. I have been out of the loop for while. The
family has the flu.

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No worries, plenty of water, rest, soup, and plenty of EndeavourOS and hopefully everyone bounces back soon and healthy :wink:

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