Pacman output: "WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module"

I’ve looked into it, and it seems like I can mostly ignore these warnings unless I use devices that use these modules.
Now, for the purpose of learning, I would like to know how to check that. How do I know what each of these modules do?
For the record, the modules in question are the following ones:
wd719x, qla1280, qed, qla2xxx, aic94xx, bfa, xhci_pci

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These are drivers for some exotic hardware devices.
If all your hardware/devices work properly you don’t need em.

Yeah, I figured that would be the case, however I’d also like to use warnings and potential errors as a chance to learn something, otherwise I’ll hardly ever improve as a linux user.

There are warnings about a few more missing modules since linux-firmware got split in several packages:

Not sure if the following might be of any interest:

A web search for each of these should also turn up documentation, e.g. :

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Nothing will teach you more about how your computer works than doing this:

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With Arch you can rather learn how installers like e.g. Calamares work and what they do in the background.
To learn how your computer or OS works, Gentoo or LinuxFromScratch are definitely better resources

Fair enough, thank you all for your comments.