Pacman 'informed' message questions

dracut[I]: *** Creating initramfs image file '/efi/5266cb68207c49639612d12b1e416a6a/6.8.9-arch1-2/initrd' done ***
( 6/10) Check if user should be informed about rebooting after certain system package upgrades.

Question 1: in the terminal how do I tell mystery app that “YES I Want to Be Informed” about kernel installs and reboots so that Endeavour actually sends a reminder.

Question 2: how do I specify which corner?

This was all pretty much setup in Budgie, but now I’m in LXDE I miss this and am clueless how to reactivate this. --Gracias

That is a message letting you know it will do that. If rebooting was warranted, you would have received a notification.

You don’t have to do anything to enable it.

that’s the thing, I linger and wait and the little popup window never comes

edit: I thought every kernel/core update was a pop-message reboot. that’s the way its always worked. unless I’m in a Berenstein Bear moment?

It uses notify-send to send the notifications. You might try testing that command and see if you can receive notifications in lxde.

~]$ notify-send --help
  notify-send [OPTION…] <SUMMARY> [BODY] - create a notification

Help Options:
  -?, --help                        Show help options

Application Options:
  -u, --urgency=LEVEL               Specifies the urgency level (low, normal, critical).
  -t, --expire-time=TIME            Specifies the timeout in milliseconds at which to expire the notification.
  -a, --app-name=APP_NAME           Specifies the app name for the icon
  -i, --icon=ICON                   Specifies an icon filename or stock icon to display.
  -c, --category=TYPE[,TYPE...]     Specifies the notification category.
  -e, --transient                   Create a transient notification
  -h, --hint=TYPE:NAME:VALUE        Specifies basic extra data to pass. Valid types are boolean, int, double, string, byte and variant.
  -p, --print-id                    Print the notification ID.
  -r, --replace-id=REPLACE_ID       The ID of the notification to replace.
  -w, --wait                        Wait for the notification to be closed before exiting.
  -A, --action=[NAME=]Text...       Specifies the actions to display to the user. Implies --wait to wait for user input. May be set multiple times. The name of the action is output to stdout. If NAME is not specified, the numerical index of the option is used (starting with 0).
  -v, --version                     Version of the package.

ok I will try to wrap my head around this and create myself a message. I can’t tell from --help if it is already sending a message and I’m just spacing it out or looking the other way…since I’ve never seen one in lxde. thank you.

Try this:

notify-send "This is a test"

upper right, 2 seconds!

my eyes drift lower left when working, taskbars and plank at bottom too.
still it’s not a ginormous screen and I’d be shocked if I missed it. I waited and watched after kernel/core updates and nothing. how do I know/confirm its programmed to send them to the desktop?

ps–sorry to bug you with the trivial