Pacman endeavouros.db error - need to renew Korean mirror domain

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Just update your mirror list. Include Germany and United States when selecting the countries which are the functioning mirrors and less troublesome.

Even though we have Korean mirrors we have no guarantee that they going to remain up all the time. Some do go offline or change. And you really can’t check if a trying to download the db file because it depends on how the mirror is configured.

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You could run program eos-rankmirrors to fix the list of EndeavourOS mirrors.

So is this a permanent change with Then we need to remove that mirror from the list.


Sorry. I don’t know about admin. There is no way to contact the admin. As a Korean, I will post it on the forum if I find out anything. Thank you so much for your help.

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eos-rankmirrors cannot fix the list of eos-mirros. because return lightweight 404 html file, so eos-rankmirrors measures is the best speed mirror.

In my opinion, if mirror return the HTML file, eos-rankmirrors will need a logic to process try: exceptions.

OK. Then you can manually modify file /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist and remove the line that has the in the address.

EDIT: I just added an option --ignore to eos-rankmirrors. With that you can exclude funami from ranking results, e.g.

eos-rankmirrors --ignore="funami"

Edit after 2 hours: I added also option --prefer to eos-rankmirrors. With it you can give a list of preferred mirror addresses. They will be added to the beginning of the EndeavourOS list of mirrors.
See eos-rankmirrors -h for more info.


Thx for the information, will look into that

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Hello, I’m the owner of that particular mirror. I paid my domain renewal fee but sadly they f***ed it up and I’m currently trying to solve the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience. @CodePsy-2001 @manuel

PS: if you need the mirror ASAP, you can access it via (HTTP/rsync only, no HTTPS)

PPS: Also follow @YuiFunamiMirror at Twitter for fastest update on server status.


I feel for you - I run a mirror too! Luckily I self-host, so I avoid SOME of the difficulties!


Yeah but this kind of problem can happen to anyone - even if you selfhost. I use Oracle Cloud to cut cost.

I use an older (AMD A10 + cheap SSD) computer, so no cost as I don’t need it for anything else (and the net access is already there). The repos I run are both fairly small, so they all fit on the SSD - and the writes aren’t very high in number! So far, so good… :grin:

Oh - and the OS I use is EndeavourOS, and I run its updates about 1 week behind current (using eos-shifttime) to give me time to see if anything can be a problem. Stable as I have ever seen!

Interesting. I use A1.Flex instance with 4 cores, 24GB RAM and 4Gbps bandwidth. (DL unlimited, UL 10TB/mo. free) for free! Only cost is 100GB of extra cost on top of 200GB free storage. I would like to run my own server at home, but it would cost a lot more because internet here is limited to personal usage only - they blocked important ports for server to deter home server and buy expensive “business” internet plan. I also use Oracle Linux because they offer free premier support if you’re using it on Oracle Cloud. EOS/Arch is out of sight because it’s ARM.

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Well - I have no idea what ports they could block successfully - with IP redirect, and port assignments up to you…

However - having a powerhouse like that available is pretty cool too! What’s this about ARM? I’m all x86-64 - and the only ARM I would consider is a Raspberry Pi or two as media servers… and I haven’t talked myself into that yet as I can SSH everywhere to get at all my media with everything I own anyway :grin:

Anyway - looks like I got a bit OT again (kind of a habit, actually) so - Have a Good Day!

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If you like, you could probably temporarily get a subdomain from one of the users who already have their domain running. (I can let you use a subdomain on mine if it doesn’t require me to give you too many sensitive permissions)

I already have alternative domain, but I’m not inclined to use it.

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The mirror is up again!


I like your homepage, especially the graphic :wink:

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