Pacman and yay are in conflict

Goodnight. I am writing this question in Portuguese and translating it on the google translator, so sorry if after I review it it is still strange.

At the terminal, I gave the command pacman -Syuu and a message appeared stating that pacman and yay are in conflict, and suggested that I remove the yay, and I preferred not to remove it, so the terminal repeated the message about the conflict and added, between parenthesis , the following:>12-64

Can I resolve this conflict without having to remove yay?

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Ok, trizen cannot be installed (target not found). I have first reset the system with timeshift and now wait …

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Not yet. Yay will most likely need updating first to work with pacman 6.

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Only once in my life did I try to build manually and everything went wrong :upside_down_face: but I typed yay -S trizen, so yay installed trizen, then I typed sudo pacman -Syuu and he asked to uninstall yay, I said yes and trizen it worked just fine (for the only thing I know how to use, which is typing trizen -Syuu). Thank you very much :smiley:

You should only pass the uu flag if trying to downgrade a package. Normal update should be -Syu or -Syyu if it’s the first update after updating your mirrors.

Muito obrigado :slight_smile:

How much different is trizen to use compared to yay?

It is just another AUR helper. They are all similar.

$ trizen --help

========================== Trizen AUR Package Manager ==========================

usage: trizen [options] [pkgname] [pkgname] [...]

Main options:

-S, --sync      : install packages (see: trizen -Sh)
-C, --comments  : display AUR comments for a package
-G, --get       : clones a package in the current directory
-R, --remove    : remove packages from the system (see: pacman -Rh)
-Q, --query     : query the package database (see: pacman -Qh)
-F, --files     : query the files database (see: pacman -Fh)
-D, --database  : operate on the package database (see: pacman -Dh)
-T, --deptest   : check dependencies (see: pacman -Th)
-U, --upgrade   : install built packages from /media/ssd1/AUR/trizen/arch or `pwd`

Other options:

-q, --quiet        : do not display any warnings
-r, --regular      : use only the regular repositories
--stats        : show stats about the installed packages
--nocolors     : disable text colors
--forcecolors  : force colors when not writing to STDOUT
--debug        : activate the debug/verbose mode
--help         : print this message and exit
--version      : print version and exit

See also:

trizen -Sh
trizen -Gh

:: Each configuration key is a valid option when preceded with '--'
:: Configuration file: /home/archer/.config/trizen/trizen.conf

Did the git clone or makepkg command fail? Did you copy the correct AUR git URL?

I just manually installed trizen on a testing VM and it worked fine.

I didn’t know that, thank you very much. At some point I went looking for information on how to use pacman, and on some obscure site there was a lot of information, all very important, but I summed it all up in the phrase “just type -Syuu”, because my abstraction capacity is somewhat limited. I am replacing the previous summary with “just type -Syu”, thanks :+1:

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Yay still works fine. Just update, remove yay and then

$ git clone

$ cd yay

$ makepkg -si


Worked fine for me. ty :slight_smile:

YAY is already rebuild and can be installed again from EndeavourOS repo.

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I have only tried sudo pacman -S trizen.

Pacman won’t find it. It is an AUR package.


When i type checkupdates in terminal, this is whats listed.

[dad@dad-EndeavourOS ~]$ checkupdates
akm 2.8.7-2 → 2.8.7-3
appstream-glib 0.7.18-1 → 0.7.18-2
filesystem 2021.01.19-1 → 2021.05.31-1
libnftnl 1.1.9-1 → 1.2.0-1
pacman 5.2.2-4 → 6.0.0-2
pacman-contrib 1.4.0-1 → 1.4.0-2
re2 1:20210401-1 → 1:20210601-1
yay 10.2.2-2 → 10.2.2-4

But when i do a sudo pacman -Syu i get

:: Synchronizing package databases…
core is up to date
extra is up to date
community is up to date
multilib is up to date
endeavouros is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade…
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing pacman (6.0.0-2) breaks dependency ‘pacman<5.3’ required by pamac-aur-git

Should I remove yay & pamac then update?

If you remove pamac, I think it will handle it from there. Once that it done, at worst you re-install yay - and eventually pamac when it is rebuilt. Because the new version of yay is already waiting for you, you should not have to do anything to be back running as normal.

I have no update info on pamac - but I am sure it will be ‘adjusted’ soon.

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