Packages to be installed later during the Xfce online installation

Yesterday I did an EOD installation online at a colleague. After the restart I missed the package updater and the eos-update notifier compared to the offline installation (Xfce). I didn’t have the chance to find out further differences to the offline version, because my colleague spontaneously decided to use the Manjaro, which he knows better. Ok, if I have to install Xfce online again later: What is missing in the online version (except the eos notification tool and the package updater) and what are the package names (because I install everything in the terminal - no Pamac!).

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You can get the list of all packages on the ISO image from EndeavourOS Github:


thanks @Kresimir

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The package updater that came preinstalled when I installed EOS-Cinnamon is gnome-packagekit.
And the notification tool: eos-update-notifier.

Edit: you might want to exercise some caution when using gnome-packagekit. It does give you a list of the packages to be installed but once you click the update button, it won’t ask you for a password (which is odd a bit I think) and it is not very transparent what is happening like when you update in a terminal. But to mee it seems blazingly fast.

@Kresimir I also found the “eos-update-notifier” and installed/activated it. But this package updater was still missing, which offers a small graphical interface for the update. Some people need that … Anyway, it is still there when I loaded the live system, but not after the online installation. I cannot find it in the software list. Do you have an idea how I could get it? It is called " Package Updater" - “Package Updater” in the application starter and seems to come independently from “eos-update-notifier”. Sorry for this stupid question.

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I’m not sure, because I’m not using any update notifier, except the little function I wrote.

But I’m guessing there is an option to turn on graphical notifier somewhere in /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf

EDIT: yes, the option is called “ShowHowAboutUpdates” and if you set it to tray, there will be a little icon in the system tray reminding you that there are updates available.

For more info, see:


many thanks, this may help! have a nice day :wink:

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EndeavourOS Update Notifier is installed per default on all installs, if you do not untag it from package chooser slide.

@joekamprad Ok, das habe ich jetzt. Was ich aber noch meine, ist dieses Tool im Anwendungssstarter (Paketaktualisierrung), mit dem die Suche nach Updates in einer grafischen Oberfläche manuell gestartet werden kann. Ist bei der Live-Session und auch nach der Offline-Installation vorhanden. Gut - ist jetzt kein Beinbruch …

Okay, I have that now. But what I still mean is this tool in the application launcher (package update), which allows to manually start the search for updates in a graphical interface. Is available during the live session and also after the offline installation. Good - is not a broken leg now …

Are you thinking of the welcome app? Here you can read about a few post-installation settings.
Denken Sie an die Willkommens-App? Hier können Sie einige Einstellungen nach der Installation lesen.

Ist auch per default installiert…

Will be installed per default also…

If you mean Welcome is no more showing, you can simply start it from the Welcome icon on the “Start” menu, or with a terminal command:

  eos-welcome --enable

If you mean how eos-update-notifier shows the availability of updates, you can look at the configuration file /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf as @Kresimir already said.


I think it’s easy to click the button labeled see you later.