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I’m currently trying to install xfce4 and only-office. I thought I’d just run KDE because I’ve always loved it, but I’m wondering if it’s a bit heavy for this old laptop and feel like I should give other DE’s a shot anyway. Every time I run the command, however, I get multiple of the following;

‘error: failed retrieving file ‘file_name’ from : The requested URL returned error: 404’

Followed by a warning;

‘too many errors from this_specific_mirror, skipping for the remainder of the transaction’

The wifi is definitely working, because I’m typing this post up on the laptop I’m having this problem with. I’ve also attempted on two different wifi networks. I re-updated the mirror lists for both Arch and EndeavourOS (ran from the welcome app because I’m still getting used to the Arch command system and I don’t know the command off the top of my head).

Is there just a temporary bug with the servers, or is something else going on?

Laptop specs if relevant:

Can you share the full output of the below command so we can see what is going on?

sudo pacman -Syu xfce4

The most common cause of that issue is trying to install software without updating the system.

Also, fair warning that installing multiple DEs often invites problems unless you know how to manage the various conflicts that are created.

… That did it. I’d been using just the -S tag. Previous to Endeavour, I used Manjaro, which (first one I’ve ever seen) had a decent package manager GUI so I never got around to learning the update command. Install ran just fine, no errors whatsoever.

What kind of problems? I’m not hoping to keep them both, just play around in xfce for a little and see how I like it.

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Typically minor issues but things that can be annoyances. Things like themes conflicting and/or multiple processes running that try to do the same thing.

The problem is when you have problems, you are trying to find out if they are real issues or caused by your multi-DE setup.

A VM is often a better way to play around. Also, the ISO itself uses xfce so you could boot off the ISO and play around there as well.

Noted. Like I said,this going to be pretty temporary, but I may just take your advice and use the live boot. Thanks so much!

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