Package cache cleanup button in Welcome!

For more info, see the link below:


I think this is a welcome addition. Up until a recent forum post I actually forgot to check the cache. There was no cleanup timer set up on my machine, and as a consequence the cache was 9GB in size.


that’s truly a good addition, this is something I do forget about on new installs…


I agree. Great feature

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That’s just too easy :stuck_out_tongue: Being serious, this is a great idea and will be nice to have.

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This is definitely a thing that “I’ve got to set that up for automatic” - but gets left to remember later… Good thing there is so much disk space floating around these days! Thanks @manuel!

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I have used it occasionally! So ya it’s something that is a nice addition.

So do I! Can’t wait to get it translated :smiley:


This is a very friendly feature, thanks for that. So far, I’ve done the package cleanup from the command line. After a major upgrade, even a gigabyte of space was freed up.

Is there a description what files this button changes?

Only a gigabyte? :slight_smile:
Try cleaning up a full KDE installation :smiling_imp:

Modified files are:


And of course, the service removes some package files at /var/cache/pacman/pkg.


I rarely enter the Plasma desktop environment. I prefer Xfce.

I’ve done a Plasma installation adding all kde-applications packages after… Just look at packages cache size :slight_smile:


Need to add something? :smiley:


Nice amount. :slight_smile:

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