P4 dual shock (knock off sony) controller isn't recognized

Hey everyone,

I have (2) TIANHOO ps4 dual shock controllers.

They are really nice for the price and work flawlessly in windows 11.

I was able to get them to work in EndeavourOS about a week ago but I did a fresh install of Gemini and now I can’t get them back to being recognized by steam and Yuzu.

They will pair with my bluetooth dongle but they are not recognized by Steam and Yuzu.

My real ps4 dual shocks work fine but I would like 4 controllers to work for Mario Kart with my kids

You don’t have to reinstall a new release, once it’s installed you will receive updates automatically.
Having said that, the issue you described is an upstream issue at the moment for some hardware, regardless if you kept the system rolling or reinstalled it.

Just to be sure you did activate Bluetooth, right?

Hi @bryanpwo – thanks for replying.

The gamepad controller connects to blueman-manager and is recognized as a wirless controller and is ‘connected’.

The controller stays connected but once the device is disconnected for inactivy or I reboot the computer, it doesn’t connect on it’s own without repairing it.

I had this controller type working fine in the past and I believe it was becuase I had installed the xboxdrv package. I have that package installed right now but I am not sure how to check to see if the devices are using that driver?

Is it possible to specify a specific driver to be used for a bluetooth device (like you can in windows?)

My controllers work fine in kubuntu out of the box.

I want to use arch but I can’t get them to work :sweat_smile:

I’m not that familiar with blueman-manager but perhaps this will help.