Overclocking and stability testing under Linux

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So, this post got me thinking about what is the go to in Linux? In Windows, RealBench, prime95 and so forth tend to be used for testing overclocks. Are these available under Linux? If not, what’re the options?


mprime (Linux name of prime95).
Also linpack on Intel or hpl-amd on AMD.
Then we also have stress-ng which has 20000000 options for stress testing.

And for hardcore fans: PGO compilation with Full LTO - RAM killer.

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you can use phoronix tests benchmark from AUR
it works on all platforms

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I use s-tui for CPU stress testing and overclock/undervolt testing.
It shows temp, power draw and frequency of each CPU core in real time. + other temp sensors, + total system power draw.

It also allows a CPU stress testing with the possibility to chose the number of threads to be used (1 to number of cores). Also useful when testing the CPU behavior on battery vs AC.


This is honestly one of the things that does bug me a bit about Linux. I love overclocking, and have been involved in the overclocking scene on and off since the early 2000s. On Windows, there are almost too many applications to choose from. You have programs like CPU-Z, GPU-Z, HWInfo, Prime95, Afterburner, Cinebench, 3DMark, there are just way too many to name. On Linux, I have found a few applications that I like (although I know there are a bit more): Zenmonitor and CPU-X for info, Phoronix test suite for testing purposes, GreenWithEnvy for GPU overclocking and fan control.

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phoronix is a very good one

  • works on all platform ( windows , osx x , linux )
  • always compile before testing
  • results with values comparison
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I tend to look to phoronix for testing & reviews.