Over-provision SSD by Shrink filesystem/device and move Swap

I’m trying to over-provision my SSD.

Decreased the size of my filesystem:

sudo btrfs filesystem resize -50G /

With gparted, decreased the size of the device in 51200 MebiByte.

Everything is working, now I want to move my swap partition to the beginning of this free space, so I can have my over-provision space 50G at the end of the device.

I wonder if a swapoff, remove the swap partition in gparted and recreate it is enough…
Also fixing fstab of course.

Any suggestions before I continue with this insanity ?

Obs: I have a backup of everything.

Oh, never mind, that was easy…
Disabled swap with swapoff, moved the entire swap partition to the freespace… UUID didn’t change…

Boot successfully and swap is working in the new location.

I’m not well-versed on the subject of over-provisioning so take this with a chunk of salt.
Years ago when I first started to use SSDs and heard about over-provisioning, I did a “little” bit of searching and came across the following article among others:

Since most of my day-to-day activity is not that write-intensive, I don’t personally allocate any unallocated space for over-provisioning believing that the amount already reserved by the manufacturer is sufficient.

I am just a bit surprised to see 50G of unallocated space for over-provisioning on a disk with around 230G. However depending on the use case, if yours is heavily write intensive, perhaps 50G make sense.

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This was more something like an adventure to learn a little more about BTRFS hehe
I chose 50G because its 20% of the drive capacity, some recommend 10 or 15%…

I’m planning to use my Linux system for work and games now, and almost leaving Windows behind for good… So, the writes on it will increase exponentially within the next days, lets see how that goes.

I’m impressed with this SATA SSD, crucial MX500 and I want to increase its lifespan and learn during the process :slight_smile:

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Edit: There is quite a bit of information about this topic. :wink:

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Did you happen to see the software that crucial has for this on Windows?


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Indeed, this is something we don’t hear everyday but it doesn’t seem to be a thing of the past…
Manufactures remains recommending the use of it.
I’ll take care of this drive, it wasn’t good when my Corsair Neutron GTX died a few months ago…

Now I have a Teamgroup GX1, which is a very cheap drive just write random stuff to it, like torrent and downloads… The important stuff goes on the Crucial.

Yes, I have installed it, it is a cool software.
When I was setting up the SED feature, this software saved me because during my first attempts I locked the drive in a manner that I couldn’t unlock it… That software provided a two click solution kind of a way to unlock it…

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@ricklinux By the way, I’m not sure if it would be a good idea, but what do you think if Calamares provides an option to create an over-provision partition with a tick option ?

I know that there is the manual way of doing it, but for some of us, it would be much easier just erase the entire disk and tick an option to create an over-provisioning space at the end of the disk.

You’d have to talk to the devs about that but i doubt it would be something they would consider. :man_shrugging:

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