Output audio of system is playing through the microphone

Hello everyone,
I am using endeavourOS I have pulseaudio installed (also re-installed it nothing changed). So my problem is that the output of the system is playing through the microphone so everyone can hear what I listen, they can also hear my voice so mic is working correctly and the devices are all picked up by “pacmd list-cards”. I checked the default source is the input and not output.monitor, I muted the monitor completely nothing changed. The only way to stop it is by muting the output. If it helps the mic is connected on combo port of the laptop and is part of my headphones.

Try moving the audio plug to use the audio outlet.

You mean something like this"pacmd move-source-output 92 alsa_input.pci-0000_04_00.6.analog-stereo " ? Tried it still gets audio from both the mic and the output

He means you may have the mic and audio plugs reversed physically.

Ohhhh now I get it. No they are correctly connected (it’s a 4-ring connector and 4-ring plug so hard to mess up ) but yeah checked the pins seems good.

If it helps i forgot to mention that when i plug headsets without microphone then the input device is the microphone on the webcam and it doesn’t play the system output