Our first release of 2021 has arrived

Tradução em português

:portugal: A nossa primeira edição de 2021 chegou


Happy with the changes to i3. :+1:


Just (mostly) finished setting up the new install. It feels snappier to me, though I don’t have any hard proof.


Congratulations :partying_face: on the new release. Are DWM and BSPWM included in online installer now? Would definitely test i3 once again but Wondering if these former two are a part of the installer now or not ?

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No, BSPWM and Sway are still under development by some community members, they will find their way when ready.


Excellent work once again. Online install with Cinnamon worked perfectly on two very different pieces of hardware other than a minor headache with my GTX1650, but that’s Nvidia’s fault.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

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What was the minor headache with the GTX1650? The reason i ask is because I’m still having issues with it even on Xfce. It just refuses to load Nvidia properly. I was getting black screen this time on Xfce. I have it working but the xorg say’s it’s using modestting instead of Nvidia and the card is using Nvidia. I personally think it’s a module issue at boot? I was going to try modules_blacklist=nouveau and see if that fixes it.

Edit: Originally had it on Cinnamon. Got it working properly then it went haywire again. Now tried Xfce and still having issues.

It wouldn’t load Nvidia until I logged in, then out, then in again. I had to blacklist nouveau, then add the modules to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf.

This page https://howto.lintel.in/install-nvidia-arch-linux/ helped a lot.

This is exactly the problem i was having on Cinnamon. I fixed it with the wiki “Nvidia Optional Enhancements and Troubleshooting”

Then after some Nvidia update or kernel and it was doing the same. Loaded Xfce and was getting black screen. Got it working but Xorg reports modesetting so i think i need to add blacklist nouveau also.

I saw that one, too, and like you, the problem came back. I think adding the nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm modules (in addition to nvidia) helped as just blacklisting nouveau didn’t help at all in my case.

I could be wrong, of course… I have a tendency to “just luck” my way to a solution.