Other Distro's Grub issue with Endeavouros

I multiboot Linux distributions. My default distribution is Fedora 32 and from the Fedora 32 menuj, I can boot:
Mint (2004),
SUSE Leap 15.2
Endeavouros (May version)
Once every two days, I change the power-on default to one of the others in the list.

If anyone of the non Endeavour systems ss the power on default, that active grub menu from that distribution is unable to launch Endeavouros’s primary grub menu entry. I have to reboot and use the Endeovouros recovery entry (lst in the list ).

By the way, excluding endeavoros, any default Linux can, without issues, boot any one, including my only other arch based linux (arclinux).

If Endeavoros is the power-on default, it can and will boot it’s very first entry. It can also be used to boot any other distro.

I use SUSE’s Linux 15.2 for c code writing as the compiler and accessories produce the same functional code as an arch linux, but the Suse advantage is “executables” from SUSE compiles are several hundred bytes smaller, indicating excellent great c code/strip functionality.

I do very much like Endeavour OS. My alternate rotation of distros is done for testing that code for one platform runs ok on the others. I test directly and not via a VM.

I don’t use many of your distros. Having said that, I have noticed that grubs are not always happy working across different distro families. Like children some won’t work with others unless they are dominant.

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i also dont run many distro’s always believed you can use one grub, but on that point i could be wrong i never really dualbooted…

but fedora grub uses same kinda grub as manjaro, grub-quiet…

It isn’t a bug. I believe it is because Arch/EOS uses multiple initrd images and those other distros don’t account for that.

You can either manually alter the entries in the other distros or just use the Endeavouros grub which can boot EOS and those other distros.

Another option would be to drop refind over the top and let it handle everything.




Mostly I find it is an attempt from ‘other’ grubs to load only one of the initrd files specified for an Arch-type distro - usually only the one that loads the microcode for your processor. As was mentioned, EndeavourOS knows how to work around this, even with others, so if it has control all is well. I think you will find that the Arch instance that boots OK from others does not load the microcode. Whether that matters to you is not known :grin:

There are other methods of bypassing this long-standing failure of grub and os-prober to account for multi-initrd calls - but they will be detailed only on request!

In a few days, I will reinstall Endeavour and then, I will compare it’s grub.cfg to that produced by arcolinux. ArcoLinux is sociable (ie, can be booted from any other distro’s grub)’
EndeavourOS,if you need me to send you sample grub.cfgs and other grub settings from any distro (arcolinux included). just let me know where to send the files.

I run Arco as well - and it has the same problems being grub booted as any other Arch-based system - when the microcode is loaded. Here’s a way to see whether you could use the item loaded or not:

grep . /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*

The results from that keep me adding it in on systems that don’t default that way - including Arco. Admittedly the reports on AMD’s are less scary than some…

I think the situation is well understood. But the issue is with a lack of support on the other end.

If your arcolinux install is being detected and working from orher distros grub, is it missing the ucode?

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