OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/tmp/calamares-root-ipi9jfp2/efi/EFI/Microsoft'

When installing, the installer crashed towards the end of the install, siting the error “bad main script file”. It seems that it somehow made the /tmp/calamares-root-ipi9jfp2/efi/EFI/Microsoft directory read only. I used Rufus to burn the ISO to my thumb drive, and I was installing it to the same drive that had Windows on it.

full log: https://termbin.com/5jgj.

Edit: if it helps, my bios is the ASRock B760M UEFI bios.

EXTRA INFO: I do have an RTX 2060, and I don’t know if that classifies as the “newer” nvidia cards.

Maybe it helps to look at alternative ways to create the USB installer: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/installation/create-install-media-usb-key/2021/03/

And welcome to the forum!

Edit: looks like there’s something else than problem with USB creation.

I retried using grub2 bootloader selected, and it finished the install. However, when I rebooted, it still booted into windows. I will check the bios to see if it has the endeavouros boot detected.

edit: it is not there.

however, I did not have all the security boot options disabled, as well as CSM.

Now I see the boot option, but it fails to boot it.

Going to test if Ubuntu works on my PC.

EndeavourOS do not support secure boot, and Intsaller has a known BUG related to Legacy installs and using manual Partition Module:


To install EndeavourOS on an EFI System it is always recommended to use EFI boot mode and not the legacy CSM mode.

If you have to us ethat Bios/legacy/CSM Mode to boot, it is recommended to go for GPT partition Scheme and teh 8MB empty partition flagged as bios-grub.

EXTRA INFO: I do have an RTX 2060, and I don’t know if that classifies as the “newer” nvidia cards.
this is supported by latest Nvidia, to check you can use this webside:

Or nvidia-driver-supported-branches from a terminal on ISO live boot.

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