OS Prober strikes again

I broke my daily driver EOS Cinnamon install–one that I’ve had going since December. I know what I did wrong and it’s embarrassing, so I won’t get into that.

I did a fresh install of the latest iso. On reboot, my Windows option was absent from the grub menu. “No biggie” I thought. I went through the now familiar process of adding the GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false line and running grub-mkconfig.

Still no Windows. I booted Windows from BIOS and it was fine. I examined the contents of the EFI partition and Windows entries were intact. I also checked efibootmgr and nothing seemed amiss. I did my usual thing and read the wiki last. I didn’t see any obvious mistakes on my part. Google suggested I start from scratch and use NTFS-3G. Fat chance.

Just for the helluvit I checked to see if I had the latest version of os-prober. To my chagrin, I found that os-prober was not installed at all. Feeling stupid for pissing away an hour troubleshooting a missing package, I installed 'prober and ran grub-mkconfig again.


Yes osprober was removed by the grub devs upstream. The next iso will have it installed again. Remember EndeavourOS tries to stay as close to upstream arch as possible.


You could also just manually add the entry to grub and not rely on prober. The Windows boot files usually sit in the same place so just pointing the entry to the right spot and label it what you want then you never have to worry about it.

I had to deal with grub + windows issues someone had a month or 2 ago like this with and just directed them to manually putting in a boot entry for windows

I use rEFInd and installed on Windows side. Can be installed on Linux or MacOS too. Great boot manager.

VisualBCD is a good windows GUI for BCD store editing if you’re always clean out old distro entries, so they don’t appear in boot manager.

If I install a new distro that tries to take over direct boot I just set rEFInd to primary boot in BIOs to handle OS selection.


If some of you can help me with how I can probe for various OSs, perhaps we can write a replacement for os-prober.

Use os-prober? :wink:

@pebcak It takes too long on my computer.

What other OSes do you have on your machine?

@pebcak Windows. os-prober took 10 min to complete for a dual boot setup

Thanks for the reply!
I have to admit I have no idea why it takes that long. It seems rather unusual.

a minute would be to long already…
do you have a lot of disks connected?
would be interesting to see the journal output while os-prober is running

Yeah. I’ll do that. I just thought it was relevant, but it doesn’t bother me in daily activities.

why write a replacement prober when you can just manually write an entry? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@echoa Because all of us use utilities that save time. Package managers, init systems, boot loaders, compilers, interpreters, and more.

TBH thats not much of a reason to reinvent the wheel and is a strawman at best. If you have trouble with prober you can write a proper grub entry once and never have to deal with it and you save even more time.

You save time not duplicating work which is more time consuming than making a single grub entry which for Windows (except for maybe upgrading to 11 or reinstall) shouldnt need to change.

I like to program. I enjoy that more than doing one-time setups :slightly_smiling_face:

You might want to have a look at the source code, fork it and write your own os-prober:


Now thats a fine enough reason, If you want to because you would like to learn or enjoy the challenge :+1:

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