OS Install - iMac (21.5in Mid 2010 11.2)

Hello again friends, today’s challenge is dual booting my iMac 2011 using EndeavorOS. This is because OS High Sierra and the computer itself is getting slow. It has a 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3 and an ATI RAdeon HD 4670 256 MB graphics card.

However, I have run into a few issues. The first is there are no tutorials or guides for installation of Arch or other Linux distro’s I can find on the web for this computer (I know it is old) and when I attempt to boot using Ventoy into EndeavorOS, I get a not a secure boot platform 14 error both from Ventoy and then from the ISO.

I haven’t found any information online on how to fix this error outside of the T2 silicon macbooks which have a setting for disabling secure boot. If anyone has either done this before or has a good idea on how to achieve a successful boot from Live USB that would be wonderful!

As a side note, I will be around all day and have tomorrow off work to mess with this machine and figure out a solution. Thank you all so much for your help, I cannot say I am particularly great at this. :slight_smile:

I run EOS on multiple ancient Apple hardware (iMac, MacbookPro, MacMini) and getting past Apple’s electric fences can indeed be tricky.

I focused on your specific error message…

And after googling this, I found this:

Which eventually led me to this as the solution apparently involves the use of:

Let us know if any of this proves to be of help in your efforts to load up EOS. :vulcan_salute:

Have you tried booting the ISO in grub2 mode in Ventoy? I get that message on my 08 MacBook (running Endeavour i3 rn)

I did yes! The screen flashes off and then on but nothing happens.

Hey friend, I saw this thread as well. Unfortunately, this did not work as a solution.

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I have a late 2014 MacMini. I was using it as a distro hopping device before I found EOS. Never had any issues. Booted ISO from thumb-drive and had no problems installing 6 or 7 previous distros, then I installed EOS. Process was no different than on my Laptop or any other PC.

Interesting. When I use Ventoy it detects it as an EFI device but then shows not a secure boot platform 14. When I boot straight from a formated ISO using Etcher, the drive doesn’t appear at all.

That’s what I used, Etcher. I used a wired Windows keyboard if that helps.

Open Core Legacy Patcher also works great if you’re keeping a mac OS partition

I’ll give that a look too. Thanks!