OS crashed. Must I install other kernel?

Hello, last week regularly EndOS crashes.
That means suddenly I get a black screen. The only way to continue is to restart.
AND: this happens with PC and with notebook (less often).
Kernel is 5.15.
I still have a second notebook with 5.18.
Here until now is OK.

  1. do you have an idea - what is the reason?
  2. how to install, use other kernels?
    P.S. There is no Nvidia.
    Thank you very much.

A bit difficult to guess but some hardware info and logs might give some people some idea:


You could launch the application akm (Arch Kernel Manager) if you want a graphical interface and install a kernel plus its headers.

Or use command line in a terminal:

sudo pacman -S linux-zen linux-zen-headers

for example to install the zen kernel.

In both cases, make sure you have a fully updated system before.

Once installed, reboot and choose the kernel you want to boot from the Grub boot menu (assuming you use Grub).

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Thank you very much.
At first I will try with another kernel.
Thanks once again.

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Your journal following a crash will be greatly beneficial for diagnoses. The wiki will be able to walk you thru providing that

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It is strange, but in my system there is no journalclt.
[vlm@atlantis ~]$ journalclt -b -0 | eos-sendlog
bash: journalclt: Kommando nicht gefunden.
In means : command not found.
I have installed hardene kernel.
So far runs normally. :roll_eyes:

Check the orthography :wink:


Or - cut and paste this word as appropriate:


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Sory, I am idiot (sometimes…)
It is now Okay,

Aren’t we all - sometimes the fingers (or the mouth!) can outrun the brain that’s supposed to be in charge…

yes, that's experience talking...
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While this isn’t a big deal. Be VERY aware. Every single thing matters in terminal. Capitalization, spacing, typos dashes. Everything could make a difference for you. A careless command could be the difference between another good day, and hours of trouble shooting.


Yes, that is right.
Theoretically I know that, practically…
one forgets in haste.
But repetition and reference from good people are always good

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Experience has tought us that we must proceed slowly and carefully in order to get shit done faster and better.

And now repeat after me: Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum!

7x should be enough. :pray:


Hello, unfortunately need help again.
Relative long time with new kernel was fine.
After that the system starts to crash. Had suspicion - Manjaro does not like WLAN (driver). I Have instead of WLAN Ethernet Cabel connected. and then happiness came again.
But after about 1.5 months, the same problem occurred again.
Without any apparent problems (e.g. listening to Beatles and Rush yesterday and not doing anything else on the PC) the system “fell down”.
Dark screen, keyboard and mouse are dead.
Here ist logfile: https://clbin.com/KtMOi
Here is crash :
Aug 16 20:16:42 atlantis konqueror[8499]: Error loading text-to-speech plug-in “flite”
Konqueror was recently installed.
Before that, the system was also “crashing”.

Did you say your prayers (at least seven times)? :wink:

Aug 16 20:16:41 atlantis konqueror[8499]: Error loading text-to-speech plug-in “flite”

Seems to be the major issue, as it triggers subsequent errors in the log you pasted above.

Is your system up to date with latest kernel? If yes, which one?

Please keep this guide in mind.

Did you try installing the flite package again?

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This is the PROBLEM
I am no believer.
Others later - must go to work.
Thank you.

  1. [vlm@atlantis ~]$ inxi -b
    Host: atlantis Kernel: 5.18.17-hardened1-1-hardened arch: x86_64 bits: 64
    Desktop: MATE v: 1.26.0 Distro: EndeavourOS
    Type: Desktop System: Shuttle product: DH370 v: V1.
  2. flite is installed now.
  3. Until now EOS works perfectly.
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You are using the hardened kernel. Have you not tried just using the standard current kernel?

  1. 12 hours ago ES was broken again unfortunately.
  2. 10 hours ago have installed LTS kernel stable 15 , just to try…
  3. I thought - just “hardened” must be particularly stable.
    Is not so?

See here:

The linux-hardened package uses a basic kernel hardening patch set and more security-focused compile-time configuration options than the linux package. A custom build can be made to choose a different compromise between security and performance than the security-leaning defaults.

However, it should be noted that several packages will not work when using this kernel. For example: