Orphaned AUR Packages after new installation

I installed this afternoon a computer with Plasma, on request oxygen-sounds from the AUR to it. Now I get the message (with UpdateInTerminal) that oxygen-sounds is orphaned, although it was installed manually. Should I mark it as explicitly installed? It is needed to play system sounds.

Arch & EndeavourOS Update-Check:
:: Suche Arch & EndeavourOS nach Updates...

Es gibt nichts zu tun

AUR Update-Check:
:: Searching AUR for updates...
-> Orphaned AUR Packages:  oxygen-sounds

An orphaned AUR package means it no longer it has a maintainer.

You need to be very, very careful with orphaned packages because anyone can adopt an orphaned package. Even someone with bad intent.

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So better uninstall again? Hm, there I get minus points with my girlfriend :frowning:

Alternatively, you could add it to ignorepkg in pacman.conf so it doesn’t get updated automatically.



#IgnorePkg = oxygen-sounds


and then remove the # ?

Yes, exactly.