Orange Pi 800

Is anyone planning on purchasing this when it comes out? It should have a version of Arch (OrangePI OS) from the start. Orange Pi 800

Never heard of Orange Pi OS. What Kernel is it using, can you provide links?

Found link didn’t find details

I only have the Discord info:

Rockchip RK399 on Pinebook Pro. ,Think Orange Pi 800 be nice .

:pray: for share

EDit… i wait for this

" QuartzPro64

Last month we outlined our plans for the next generation of Pro-grade PINE64 hardware – the QuartzPro64. In case you missed the original announcement, the QuartzPro64 is a powerful development board featuring an 8 core SoC which comes paired with 16GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable eMMC flash storage as well as an impressive array of IO options. I’m not going to repeat the entire spec list below since it was covered in detail last month – if this is news to you, then I suggest you go back and read the March update and pick up reading this section after. "


This is selling right now, but as of now only the 4gb version.

Quartz 64 Pro 4GB

yes… 4Gb ok ( it enough) i wait for RK3588 8Gb or more ( i in no rush )

I preordered Rock pi 5 don’t know when I will get it

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hope you get soon.

I ordered a 8 GB board. Should I’ve gone for 16 GB?

8Gb middle ground ( be enough ) i sure for most use , nice if have 16Gb ( only time tell )