Orange line in latest topics missing (SOLVED)

A few days ago I have realized that the orange line that indicates all topics in the list of the latest topics that have been changed since my last logon is missing.
It was really helpful because I only scrolled down to that line and started to read all topics up to the top.

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Are you talking about the line on the right of the screen?

--------------------Last Visit--------------------------------

I think :wink:

No. The orange “last visit” line as @SGS mentioned.
If you open a category from the category view then the orange line is there.

Yes, I see that line, does this mean it is solved?

The orange line is still issing in “latest topics”.
I checked in category view once again. The orange line is now missing there too.

I will look into it tomorrow morning. There’s too much traffic now. I have to rebuild the forum app to do this, therefore it will be offline.

I’ve had some update issues the last week, so i think somewhere along the line things broke.


I’ve rebuild the forum and it still doesn’t show. I think it has to do with a recent update, I update the forum once a day and other communities do it once a month. That’s why it might show on other discourse forums (ArchLabs) and not on ours.
I don’t know if it is a permanent change or a bug but time will tell.


I have an answer from the Discourse devs, they weren’t aware also, it was missing after an update, so they’re working on it to fix it.


The issue has been fixed, you only have to log-out and in to make it appear again.


I only had to refresh my browser window for it to reappear!


Thank you! Now it is easier to read the latest posts.