Optmization: Which unnecessary services do you disable?


I use my laptop for “basic” stuff only, office related. Nothing intense like video editing or heavy multimedia stuff or network sharing. So, are there unnecessary services that run by default that I could disable? Which ones?


Ps: I have already disabled all the desktop effects. Anything else?

  • Baloo
  • eos-update-notifier

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Well, it’s a necessary disclaimer, since we wouldn’t want the Arch forum people to think we are sending noobs to them.

However, personally, I always find it amusing when they get the “full Arch experience” :rofl:

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On my old PC this just kept running for up to 2 mins on first boot of every day. I masked it and made it a pacman post-update hook instead.
I set storage mode to “volatile” so it wouldn’t hamper my disk on every boot. I reduced boot time by %50 with this change. See STORAGE on man page

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I have changed the .timer for it to trigger the service on a weekly basis instead.
On my end as a pacman post-update hook, it will probably run more than once a day :sweat_smile:


For me the point isn’t how many times it runs, it is if it hampers my boot time. If I change the timer it means the service will hamper my boot time once a week, unacceptable! :rofl:

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I guess you could put in some delay into the service for it to run a number of seconds after boot.
What the heaven, I might just as well disable it altogether and just run it manually from time to time.
It’s not that I need “out-of-the-oven” man pages :sweat_smile:

I don’t disable anything. It’s either enabled or disabled. I don’t go looking for trouble. :laughing:

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Sure you do - just not on your computer! :duck:

Samba and related come to mind.

Only if you have it installed somewhere, somehow… :grin:

I ditched that ages ago, once it no longer allowed Android filesystem access on my phone/tablet. Surely there is no other use case?

didn't want to mention any, after all

Transparency effects and animations :blush:

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Just wanted to reiterate from pebcak. Please don’t post on Arch asking for help with Endeavour. It’s REALLY bad form.

But since you also asked on the Arch forums and I assume if you posted there, you’re running Arch, not Endeavour - my question to you would be what did you setup that you don’t actually need? I would disable anything there that you don’t want running. And then why are you making a thread asking what you should disable after you enabled it. . .

:chicken: or :egg: ??


I don’t know what services would be worth disabling. Unlike Windows, I don’t usually deal with this on Linux.