Opt-in experiment with generative AI in Firefox Nightly

[…] this week, we will launch an opt-in experiment offering access to preferred AI services in Nightly for improved productivity as you browse. Instead of juggling between tabs or apps for assistance, those who have opted-in will have the option to access their preferred AI service from the Firefox sidebar to summarize information, simplify language, or test their knowledge, all without leaving their current web page.

Our initial offering will include ChatGPT, Google Gemini, HuggingChat, and Le Chat Mistral, but we will continue adding AI services that meet our standards for quality and user experience.

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Every other platform already is or is going to provide that working out of the box, while this requires 3rd party vendors incl. an account. Maybe nice for powerusers but hopeless for the broader public.

The Linux community really has to come together to provide the means for easy installation and API access to ML backends - preferably running locally. ML tools are here to stay, and is not viable that every software ships their own gigabytes of ML data or requires a PhD to set it up manually.

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I mean, how, exactly? I don’t understand why we need to shove AI into literally everything. I understand they’re very powerful. I have been coding in JetBrains IDEs lately and they’re really useful to cut down on my typing boilerplate and whatnot, but like… AI in a browser? I don’t see how it could be useful, at least for me.

Why do we have to shove it into our coding IDEs? The browser is the “IDE” for countless office workers, students, … It’s useful in different places for different people.

You’re right, but how exactly will it help such individuals? Perhaps better search results? I think that’s it, actually.