Opera browser language

Hi everybody,

i’m new here. I have used linux (debian) like 20 years ago, and back to linux more or less today. I used Manjaro for a bit, i liked it, but i’m searching for a bit challenging enviroment.

So thank you everyone in advance.

The “problem” is the following, i already have changed the language in the opera settings from ENG to Italian, i’v also added all the available Italian languages available and removed the english versions, but still opera keeps the eng language instead to change to italian.

Using the terminal and giving opera --lang=it, it changes temporary in italian… but once it restarted i turns back to eng.

Where i m mistaking? Is there any way to have the perpetual language change?

Added question a bit off topic: which is the best replacement for firefox? Waterforx or another xxxfox?

Thank you

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Arch WiKi this might help you.

Try Librewolf you can install it via AUR yay -S librewolf or librewolf-bin.


I would similarly recommend Librewolf. You can also check CachyOS’s (another Arch based distro) customized Librewolf and its differences here, similarly available in AUR.

Copy from /usr/share/applications to /home/.../.local/share/applications Opera dektop file

and change line Exec=opera %U in it to Exec=opera --lang=it %U