openSUSE: systemd-boot Integration (experimental)

Just came across this, found it very interesting and thought I’d share with the community.

I’ve been wanting to try openSUSE for quite some time (will probably do once Plasma 6 lands on Tumbleweed) and today’s write-up found me pleasantly surprised.

I normally prefer systemd-boot over GRUB setups, but with openSUSE having such good reputation of its automatic (bootable) snapshoting capabilities I thought I’d have to go wtih GRUB.

Turns out maybe I won’t need to, since the work on sdbootutil looks promising (its early though so I’ll try to not get my hopes too high).


Yes, interesting, I read it on Linuxiac too

It will be interesting if there is a entry at boot for booting from a snapshot, that at the moment is nont possible on Endeavous with systemd-boot (and all others distros with systemd-boot).
If OpenSuse systemd-bott is able to boot from snapshot so others distros can do the same and so everyone can use systemd-boot instead of grub.
I’m using grub now just because i need a way to boot from a snapshot in case of disaster.

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Well this is interesting. I would switch to this if it eventually was able to be implemented on EOS. Maybe someday. :thinking:

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I’m not too familiar with how the openSUSE ecosystem works when it comes to tool development and upstreaming, but I would hope that they developed the stated tools in a way that they could eventually be ported to other distros.

So I too hope we see a universal simple solution to systemd-boot-able snapshots, applicable to EOS, Arch, Fedora, etc. Would be fantastic!