OpenRGB or OpenRazer?

Hi guys!

I’m new to Linux (Especially on EndeavourOS) and faced with some difficult choices. I’d like to get your opinions about 2 programs.

I own 2 devices which are using chroma effects and can be configured. It’s Razer Kraken and Razer BlackWidow V4 X.

Which software would you prefer to control RGB? OpenRGB or OpenRazer?
I saw that both of these programs supports my devices, but I don’t know which one is better.

Well—I don’t know about OpenRazer (never used it), but I have used OpenRGB for over a year now…works with all of my RGB & I would “vote” to use it because you don’t know what RGB you might use in the next year or so…

That being said…I’m with the -git version of OpenRGB because of some G Skill memory I have…I have had very good luck with the bug report part of OpenRGB…Real helpful & willing to work out problems.

My hardware is a real mixed bag…ROG Z790 Motherboard, DDR5-6400 G Skill Memory, Phanteks Enthoo 719 case, Arctic P14 fans, Logitech G512 Carbon & a Deepcool LS720 SE CPU cooler…So OpenRGB was the only way to go.

Maybe I’ll try OpenRGB. Thanks for advice!

Btw just for you to know, OpenRazer is just open-source drivers for Razer devices. There’s also bunch of GUI applications that helps to interact with it

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