OpenRGB bricking Lighting Node

Hi everyone! So I made a post about this yesterday, but I’ve got a little more info this time.

So as stated in my previous post, I used openRGB to control the fan LEDs in my case (Corsair Airfloow 4000D RGB). This case comes with three “CORSAIR AF120 RGB ELITE” fans, and I bought a fourth one for better air current, and all of these glow and do a rainbow cycle on default.

OpenRGB was cool for one time, then it permanently turned off all my fan LEDs. I cannot get them back on. I have tried power cycling, several times, rebooting even more, I have purged openRGB from my system several times by now. Just using openRGB (it can still target the LEDs) is not an option since it makes my computer crash nightly for some reason and apparently has known issues with sleep.

I asked in their discord and was just told to either use openRGB or the OEM, but the OEM doesn’t work on linux at all (I specified I was using endeavor linux).

So today I opened my PC up because I remembered setting it up that all the fans are plugged into a little RGB hub. It’s the “iCUE LIGHTING NODE CORE”, which comes built into the case. This little lighting node thingie seems to be responsible for the default lighting that works with no software whatsoever.

Whatever OpenRGB did to it made it no longer do that, I don’t even know if it’s bricked since OpenRGB can still target it, but also what other term is there. Anybody have any ideas what I could do? I have no idea where else to ask atp, I’ve asked on the Corsair reddit but it might take a while for a response.

Install Windows in a VM and use their proprietary iCUE software to at least get it into workable state again.

Will something like that work in a vm? Fans and lights are some low level stuff. Will a vm be able to access them on the host?

It would be doubtful for onboard motherboard hardware, but these boxes are just (internally connected) USB devices.

From personal experience a Corsair Commander Pro works without issue.

Hi all and thanks so much for the replies, I couldn’t reply bc I was at work but my friend proposed the same idea around the same time and seeing other people on here suggest it as well gave me a ton of hope.

I did it, I ran windows 10 in gnome boxes, and while installing windows was a psychologically compromising experience I would like not to repeat, I was able to install the iCUE software and restore my lighting.

The RGB hub is just connected to the motherboard with USB 2.0, thus like you said, the VM could access it. It’s nice to know this seems to generally be how Corsair (and maybe other hardware sellers, I wouldn’t know) does it.

Turns out, the Corsairs RGB devices I had (my cooler, too!), have a memory in them to remember lighting profiles even when iCUE isn’t active or even on the system, and I think OpenRGB had deleted it. Since the memory had nothing to remember, it left the LEDs off. But now it remembers who it was.

Happy ending, my RGB hub wasn’t bricked, I have learned how to use a virtual machine, my sole regret is not making my keyboard and mouse glow simple pink or blue or something because I was so laser focused on my fan LEDs that I didn’t think to try if Roccat devices also work that way.

Thanks so much again!!!

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