OpenRGB breaking fan lights

Hi everyone! I have no idea where else to go with this anymore.

OpenRGB closed their subreddit and I can’t get on Lemmy…

A while ago, I installed OpenRGB because I wanted to try fun fan LED light colours. I had openRGB for that on debian and it was fine, the profile I set wouldn’t load till I opened openRGB but it didn’t muck with the default lights so that was fine.

on endeavor, however, openRGB just turned off the fan lights unless I open it and load a profile. OpenRGB also makes my computer crash overnight, idk why, it started when I installed it and stopped as soon as I got rid of it, so more reason to not want it on my computer anymore.

I tried deinstalling it normally with sudo pacman -R, I tried purging it with -Rn, I manually removed the config, I rebooted like a bajillion times and power cycled my PC twice. Nothing helps. The fans are off.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to get them to turn back on, without openRGB? They were so cool. I think the model of the fans is CORSAIR AF120 RGB ELITE, they’re built into the Corsair airflow 4000D RGB mid tower ATX case, if it matters.

ETA: it’s also permanently turned off the fourth fan I had. this one isn’t even found by the system, even though it’s plugged into the same fan hub