So far, my first installation of Endeavour works perfectly. I just have one problem. I have downloaded OpenOffice en I do not know how to install it. If someone could help me : PLEASE. Anyway, thanks.

You can install it straight from AUR.

yay -S openoffice

In general, pretty much everything is available in the repos and/or AUR. It should be pretty rare where you need to download and install something manually.

So, using the terminal, just use yay -S openoffice will do?


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Oh, I am sorry. I could not find it in the repos. I will give it a try. Thank you very much indeed. In Dutch : Dankjewel.

No, I was wrong. I got a brain fart and thought you talked about libreoffice.

Nooooo, please. Do not get a brain fart. :innocent:

Please. Forgive me, but by one reason or another, I cannot install OpenOffice. I did download it and yay -S openoffice just does not work. Or do I have to place the downloaded file in a specific file?

Can we see the output you get when you run yay -S openoffice?

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, it works. Thanks to dalto. Thank you very much indeed.


This was a transition for me too, coming from windows. I’m used to hunting down any program I want, downloading it and then installing it. With EOS (and linux in general afaik) I haven’t found anything that isn’t in the yay repos just waiting for me to type the right cmd. Even stuff I thought was oddball and nobody else would use (eg. irssi).

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libreoffice came out of openoffice sure things can get different in time, but is most used office versus openoffice :wink: but you can always use it from the aur offcourse :slight_smile:

I used to prefer OpenOffice even over MS Word back in the day when I used Windows. There is bazillion features that I never use, and they just clutter up things.

Unfortunately the language files couldn’t be used on the newer versions of OpenOffice so I had to switch to LibreOffice witch has more features.

Using a little silly language on a daily basis has it’s caveats. :sweat_smile:

Why not use Libreoffice instead, Eef?
It’s in the repo and takes less time to install.

Openoffice has to be build every time you update.

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