Opening URL link from friends from Steam

When I click URL links sended by steam friends, I get this error dialog.

What am I missing ?

Gonna have to get somebody to send me a link to test this, but out of curiosity. If you send a url to a friend and then click the link that you sent, does that work?

Oh forgot to mention that this happens when I press link from Steam Overlay only.

My link works when on desktop.

Ahh, okay. I’m not sure I have ever used the steam overlay. I’ll need to look into it.

Shift+Tab while fullscreen in-game. And SteamOverlay needs to be enabled in Steam settings (default).

Yeah, it seems it was already enabled. I tried opening a link that I had sent using steam overlay and it spawned its own browser and opened the link in that.

I’m about to have someone send me a link and then I’ll try again.

Just had someone send me a link and I opened it in steam overlay. It opened fine in steams internal browser.

Perhaps it was just that link? Are you using native steam or the flatpak?

Native steam.

I will now try to use Steam Beta. Maybe it was resolved in beta?

Still the same, I click on Leetify bot sent link and instead of opening browser, it throws this dialog.

I’m also using steam native, so not sure.

Leetify Bot? So you are trying to click on links that are sent by a bot of some type? Do regular links work? Like, if someone were to manually type in Lets try and narrow it down some.

It’s just like steam friend sended normal link. Nothing special apart that.

It’s a bot which controls actions of another steam account, which send normal url to you. as text, which steam itself makes into url link.

Well, I’m not sure. The small tests that I have done seem to work and we are both using the the native version of steam. Kio is a kde protocol handler, so I’m assuming you are using Plasma. I am using it as well, but the issue does not happen. The only difference that I have spotted is that the links you screenshotted were initiated from a bot.