Openbox Applications menu icons missing

Some of the menu icons in Applications are missing. How can I add/restore them? Specifically on my system: KCalc, Text Editor, picom, Avahi SSH Server Browser and Avahi VNC Server Browser, Meld, UserFeedbackConsole, PulseAudio Volume Control, Avahi Zeroconf Browser, Dolphin, EndeavourOS Quickstart Installer, Hawdware Locality Istopo, Tint2, jgmenu. jgmenu displays icons for everything except picom. Rofi displays icons for everything except picom, Rofi and Rofi Theme Selector.

Do you know Mabox? It’s an outstanding Openbox distro. Maybe some icons can be copied from there.

Do you have hicolor-icon-theme installed? It’s strange that Rofi doesn’t display picom’s icon. Usually, when you install a package, icons (image files) will be automatically be placed inside /usr/share/icons/hicolor

For those applications with missing icons, can you check their .desktop files? Inside the file, look for a desktop entry called ‘Icon’, which will state the name of the image file for the icon.

For example, on my system, this is what Thunar’s .desktop file looks like:

The window on the left shows the output of pacman -Ql thunar, which is a list of files owned by the thunar package. The window on the right shows the Icon entry in thunar’s .desktop file. As you can see, there is a file inside /usr/share/icons/hicolor that corresponds to the name of the icon file set in the desktop entry.

hicolor-icon-theme is installed. I checked through all the different resolutions app folders from /usr/share/icons/hicolor and there is none for picom in specific, not even in the /usr/share/icons/hicolor/apps and scalable/apps where I can find icons for rofi, jgmenu and tint2 that aren’t being used by the openbox menu.
Related screenshots:
*edit: uploaded same image twice
*edit2: I misunderstood… Well picom in -Ql says it uses compton.png and .svg, but the desktop file for picom says it uses just picom. Now I understand how I can add/change icons so I’ll do just that.

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