OpenBoard (Android): No predictions/suggestions

Since the forum was moved OpenBoard seems to think I’m on a private tab and therefore (?) doesn’t show any word predictions/suggestions.


How did you took screenshot then ?

Also, I am not able to see sunglasses at your toolbar, which indicates private tab.

Edit : I enabled the flag for it.

Have you tried clearing your cookies?

Now I did as you asked.


I wrote “…OpenBoard seems to think I’m on a private tab”. I’m not on a private tab. The indicator for this seems to be the glasses with hat (upper left corner of the keyboard).

@dalto: Not yet, will try. But I don’t think it matters, I never use private tabs.

edit Clearing cookies/data didn’t help

I think there is something to do with keyboard settings.

@NX-01 , see this:

Screenshot_20220825-213405_Samsung Keyboard

Don’t think so. I didn’t change any settings, it works on other sites and it worked here before.


Strange… :thinking: :thinking:

I am able to get smart-suggestions on my mom’s handset, but you are facing issue on same website. I need to search more.

Yeah, it’s indeed strange…and annoying, 'cause I have to type everything completly :worried:

I spotted a difference in 2 images shared by you.



Seems like keyboard is going into incognito mode.

And it seems like your device is using Google Keyboard.

I am typing on desktop, and uploading screenshots from mom’s device :rofl: :joy:.

I had found a solution, but I am not sure about it :

Yeah, Incognito mode. That’s the term I just couldn’t remember before.

And no, it’s not GBoard, it’s OpenBoard. It’s even in the title of this thread. I would never use GBoard!

Meanwhile I checked another forum and it also works there: