Open the mobile google pixel 7 pro on the terminal?

dear community

want to open the mobile google pixel 7 pro on the terminal ?

When you plug in the phone to the computer, you need to change the usb settings in the notifications area on your phone. Should have the little usb symbol on there and you can allow it to transfer data to the device. From there it should mount and you can access the files through the terminal like any other storage device.

EDIT: The notification area should show “Charging this device via USB” and then there should be a “Use USB for” option once you tap it that will show you the File Transfer option

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hi there - many thanks for the quick hint - btw - just have a closer look - this is the phone

after the crash … :wink:

just very disturbing - the experience… ;(

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you have to install android-tools, open the ports on your firewalld and type

adb list devices

You can then access your smartphone.

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What kind of crash? Can you be more specific?

Looking at the picture, half the screen seems to be unusable :o

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Ok, then it is also a problem to access the USB settings. Hopefully he has USB debug activated.

I remember a similar problem with my son’s smartphone. Display cracked, no USB debug activated, which meant that you couldn’t access it via adb either


And hopefully they don’t do what one of my newer phones does and turns itself off after about 3 days