"Open Terminal" in Dolphin does nothing on a completely fresh installation of EndeavourOS + KDE-Desktop


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install EndeavourOS with default settings + KDE-Desktop via Calamares (online).
  2. Boot into the system and open Dolphin.
  3. Go into a random folder and right click.
  4. Select “Open Terminal”
  5. Nothing happens

I think it’s the same bug as described here: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/71840
The person who created the bug report recommended installing ‘kinit’ as a fix.
Installing ‘kinit’ also fixes this issue for me and “Open Terminal” is working again.

Maybe ‘kinit’ should be installed by default with EndeavourOS + KDE-Desktop.

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And thanks for the report!
This is a known bug, and kinit was recently added to the packages installed by default.

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Thank you, when I did a clean install of EnedeavourOS just yesterday it was still broken.

The workaround is to install kinit manually until we release the next ISO where this will be resolved.

An alternative workaround is to add kinit in the /home/liveuser/user_pkglist.txt file just before installing.


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