"Open terminal here" on Desktop

Is there any way to enable the terminal feature onto right-click menu on desktop? While I can find it available in the Dolphin file explorer (as this image ), it is not when I right click onto my desktop (as this image) .

I am currently learning to use the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Thank you in advance!

How to do it is DE dependent. Which desktop are you using?

Basically the file manager should have a way to configure that.


Most environmonts allow you to create a hot-key combo for it.

The rightclick menu may be customized - depending on your enviroment

  • Plasma does have it - default
  • Xfce have it - default

Just to be sure, what you mean by explorer? You mean Dolphin file manager?
I could through Dolphin browse to the desktop folder and right click then open terminal.
I tried and changed the desktop layout from Desktop to Folder view but still right clicking doesn’t work.

So, try browsing the folders to the desktop folder and do it from there.
Maybe someone has a better suggestion.
Let me know how it goes, please.

I have updated the post for clearer information
I am on KDE Plasma desktop

In Dolphin it did appeared, but on desktop it doesnt (like this image)

Yes it is the Dolphin manager. Right-click on the desktop folder on this platform appears the terminal. But on desktop, it doesnt

Open Dolphin.

From menu, choose “Configure Dolphin” or CTRL+SHIFT+comma (that’s the shortcut for me on Spiral KDE).

Go to “Services” tab.

See if “Open in Terminal” or “Run in Konsole” is listed. Check that, then click “Apply” then “OK”.

Also it could be enabled on toolbar. Right-button mouse click on hamburger menu and choose “Configure Toolbars”. Then in the search box in the dialog that appears, type “terminal”. You should be on your way afterwards. The terminal chosen from that button should open in the directory shown current by Dolphin.

This is what I have as well as my previous post.
I wonder why do you insist on right clicking on the desktop itself not in Dolphin?

I’m not a KDE user, but one way to do about the thing you describe is to create an application link to desktop. (This might not the the best way, but it works.)

Simply right click on the desktop background and a window opens. Then click the Application tab, add konsole as the Program, then set Work folder to your Desktop folder
(something like /home//Desktop). And click OK. Then Update your desktop e.g. by pressing the F5 key.

Now you should have a link to konsole application on the desktop, and clicking it will start konsole in the desktop folder.

Edit: another trivial way to use dolphin is to enable Terminal panel, and then click Desktop on the left side. Now the terminal panel changes to the desktop folder.

Forgive the non-KDE users, that don’t know this simple info :rofl:

Configure your desktop as a folder.
Right-click on desktop, Configure desktop (or similar naming).

Right-click on desktop > Configure desktop and wallpaper > Mouse actions and edit right button - Standard menu > tick “open terminal” and whatever else you want. Press apply and you should have the option to open terminal on desktop :+1:


For gnome, use this:

1. Right-click on the desktop somewhere.
2. Select Configure Desktop.
3. Choose Mouse Actions.
4. Click the configure button on the row with the Right-button actions.
5. Add "Open Terminal" option.


Edit: I think this was already answered above by @boxer

Edit2: Also as you know you can use ctrl+ alt+ t


Yeah but you have so nice pictures :ok_hand: I didn’t bother :smiley: