Online Install - ' Update Mirrors ' is a crucial Info

my first attempt to install failed somehow.

then i found a solution to bypass this somewhere here in the forum, to Update Mirrors first, via Welcome Tab.

this Information should be sticky and the first thing to see, to all who is searching for solutions on this Forum and on the Wiki site, too.

sorry for my bad English.


AFAIK, the installer tries to make a ‘best guess’ at appropriate mirrors, and mostly succeeds. The Welcome button access is an ‘extra’ - and while it will always work, it is rarely needed…


but, i actually tried 2 times and both failed, before i came across about updating mirrors.

AFAIR, both attempts failed because the calamaris system couldn’t download a specific package.

I can’t count the number of installs I have made during ISO testing. One habit I developed is to always update the repos with the Welcome app before starting calamares.

I’m sure it has saved a lot of troubles down the line.



I also have a problem because my home connection is so slow. 10s is not enough to contact the mirror and test speeds. It just gives me 0kb and just adds the usa mirrors in my list.

I know I could do it via cli and reflector, but is there an easy way to change the test time on the eos welcome app, like from 10 to 30 s?

if possible, updating the Welcome Tab itself on a live system and adding an edit option to Update Mirrors to change, somethings like that !?

Updating the mirrors before installing made sense to me, so I’ve pressed the button each time and had no problems FWIW.

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i just saw that there are some options on the right side, just open Update Mirrors and look for your self, maybe you can tweak with some other settings and also reflector --help shows some additional options,too.


The reflector-simple app in Welcome does have a field for adding any reflector options, e.g.

But I’ll keep this in mind for future development of reflector-simple.

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