OneDrive via abraunegg

I was just thinking of installing

Unfortunately, what I found was lot’s of command lines, configurations… but couldn’t figure out answers to above questions.

I wonder anybody (KDE especially), tried it?
Does it integrate with Dolphin?
There is there selective sync, but command line only or there is a client or through Dolphin?

Do you know about google drive (with same above features if possible)

Thanks for any guidance or suggestions.
Thank you.

Installed kio-gdrive and added my account, well it works, but searcing takes ages. It is not worth it. Uninstalled.

I count it solved.

I’ve used the onedrive-abrunegg client in the past.

It works well with any file manager as it maps one’s onedrive account to a physical directory on one’s local computer. However, at the level it operates, it doesn’t really provide much feedback through a Dolphin.

I ended up buying the insync client – which works a bit better than the abrunegg client and far better than the kio-gdrive client (and its gnome equivalent). It supports onedrive/google/dropbox and integrates with the major file managers like Dolphin.

Unfortunately, it does cost money – so it’s not for everyone.

EDIT: I use the client to access my work’s onedrive account. For personal stuff, I use the cloud storage option on my account. It uses “webdav/davfs2” which does not require a separate client.

thanks @nohbody
Well, I see it. It is a one time payment. But still I am not sure about downloading and indexing the file contents of the cloud.

I will give it a try.

About cloudstorage, is it included with the €1 monthly? Size? KDE integration?


  • Cloud Storage is not included in the €1 plan
  • 5GB is included with the €3 plan, with additional space costing €0.08/GB
  • 50GB is included with the €9 plan, with additional space costing €0.04/GB

It’s a little pricey from a bulk storage perspective, but it suits my needs as I’m able to add the little space I need to the email service (my main use for the site).

I have 10GB email storage/25GB cloud storage with for my custom domain name email management for €4.60/month. I’ve found the pricing for email quite reasonable. The cloud storage is just a bonus. is webdav based, which works about anything:

However, I use davfs and use bog standard mount commands:

A bit expensive!
For cloud storage I just discovered PCloud where you pay once for a lifetime, I believe it is reasonable.

I am trying to find out, if I have pCloud 2TB and assume I stored on it more than my local hard disk, (it is supposed to be on the cloud only but you see like a hot link on your device), would files on the cloud be searchable by content on my machine (though they are not physically on the machine)?

pCloud is a good service. I would use it myself it I needed bulk cloud storage.

As I recall, if you use their linux client. pCloud can physically store cloud files of your choosing on your local machine. Those can be searched by content locally. I don’t know about the ones that are cloud only.

I have the app. Still don’t know how to select files to save locally.
But, I read now a little about InSync, it looks attractive.

I will give it a try for sure! The most I loved about it the selective sync of google drive. So, I can keep locally documents only. Multimedia is normally searched by name. (and I don’t really care much about multimedia, it’s documents and books I care more)

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