One or more mirror servers in the list of EndeavorOS mirrors are unavailable when updating packages [solved]

Lately, I have noticed more and more that one or more EOS mirror servers are not available when updating packages. Of course, I use reflector-simple to update the mirror list, possibly setting up servers in other countries as well. However, the failed to download endeavours.db file from the xy server (most often from and too many errors while downloading from the xy server error messages remain, but the update goes through fine. There were no such cases before. My question is, do we need to deal with this, or are there enough mirror servers available regardless of the unreachable servers for the package updates to go through properly?

That mirror is currently down. You can either comment it out or just ignore the error.

Pacman will simple check the next mirror on the list when one isn’t available. It isn’t a fatal error. If pacman hits an issue with a mirror it cannot overcome, it will stop and provide an error.

In summary, it is not a major problem.


Thanks, I thought so too. Although in the past, another mirror server was also unavailable, but according to them, a sufficient number of servers were available in reserve. However, it wasn’t such an error that pacman had to stop because of it.

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