One monitor (usually) does not wake up

I have three monitors connected using DisplayPort to my Intel arc A380. When I hit a key to wake the displays (system is not suspended), all three power on, but one of my side monitors (never center, different model) will usually be blank. I can turn it off and on, and it will be recognized.
From what I can find, this seems too be a long-standing issue, and happens across distros (it has for me), and on different video cards (has also happened when I used my Nvidia card to drive the monitors), and on different desktop environment.

I’ve done

journalctl -p 3 -xb

But didn’t see anything about codecs or power.

Side monitors are LG Ultra HD, center is LG SDQHD (DualUp).


Asking here because Arch-type users are generally more knowledgeable, and EndeavourOS users are generally more friendly :slightly_smiling_face: