One example where PARU updated an app where YAY could not

I like using MONEYDANCE for financial record-keeping.

For over a month, utilizing yay Moneydance would not update, even though an update was shown.

I was able to successfull6 update Moneydance utilizing paru

Is Moneydance a package that needs to be compiled, or is it binaries? What happened when you tried updating with yay?

Moneydance is available from the AUR and does not require compiling.

With yay it would always attempt to update and leave the old package in use.

Did you try cleanbuilding it? Often you need to clean out the old files for a package to build properly.

If you didn’t, that may be why it worked with paru. Since they each have a separate build location, paru didn’t have the old files.

Ultimately, they are both just calling makepkg.

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If cleanbuilding would have entailed deleting the version of Moneydance in use – no, I did not try that.

Does makepkg compile ?

Cleanbuilding is an option in yay. Unless you have the menu disabled, it usually asks you if you want to cleanbuild any of the packages.

In general, whenever an AUR package fails to build, a cleanbuild is a good first troubleshooting step.

makepkg builds the package. If the package needs compilation, that happens during the makepkg run. If it is a binary package, it downloads the binary and builds it into the package.

…will pay more attention to app updates in the future and look for the cleanbuilding option.

please clarify the difference between build and compile ?

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