On XFCE "/sbin/init does not exist" at startup

Hello, I have EOS from around 3 months with great satisfaction. But in the last few days I’m receiving this error at startup.
I solve every time just forcing the restart of the pc, but I wonder if this error will block me at all in the near future.
Any idea?
Thank you.

It is a really bad idea to force a restart. Could be an hardware problem like a failing HDD for example.

Thank you for helping.
Just, the solution would be to change the HDD or is it a (software) problem of mounting at startup?

As this error can have a lot of causes… please give the output of:

lsblk -af partition scheme

I would at first simple try to boot with EndeavourOS ISO/stick and …
run a manual filesystem check:

sudo fsck.ext4 -r /dev/sda2

then arch-chroot into the system and try if system is not fully updated:

after: arch-chroot /mnt you are chrootet into installed system and do the following procedures:
pacman -Syy
pacman -Syu
mkinitcpio -P
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

reboot system and see if it is working again…

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Replacing HDD can be an answer. But before that, try what @joekamprad asks you to do.

If it is a failing HDD, you’ll know it very soon.

This is what I can do now. As soon as I go back home I get the USB stick.

$ lsblk -af
│    ext4   ManjKDE
│                 bec0b252-891c-4916-b18b-ecd262edd57f    1,5G    91% /mnt/ManjK
│    ext4   Endevour
│                 e0aad385-2b30-46fc-9cc6-b181129daffc   12,9G    65% /
│    ntfs   Win   04FA08BAFA08AA4E                      119,8G    17% /mnt/Win
     ntfs         4054560D54560656                                    
│    ext4   Dati  e7bf7c94-336d-4f4a-a4c8-901dac2cc977   83,7G    77% /mnt/Dati
│    ext4   Documenti
│                 b1b5a152-0101-4449-ad60-2198b3ac766b  178,7G    58% /mnt/Docum
│    ext4   Multimedia
│                 7b9b0044-13b0-492c-b59d-dbe5195687b4  204,9G    59% /mnt/Multi
     ext4   Backups
                  531afa06-7c77-42e8-8b26-d8603efbbacd  137,7G    48% /mnt/Backu

So, I have a Samsung SDD (sda), where the OS are placed (Manjaro, EOS and Windows), then a HDD (sdb) as data disk partitioned.
The grub belongs to Manjaro.
The possible damaged disk should be the SSD, not the HDD.
Am I wrong?

manjaro on 1,5GB ? looks screwed…
what is the full size of /dev/sda the SSD drive?

Couldn’t be exactly that the problem?
I forgot to clean the cache of pacaur, it was 20 gb, and now I don’t have the problem on EOS anymore.
I’ll keep on guard to understand.

df -h check generally if your space is enough, if your disc running full you also run intoo issues