On system maintanence

Apologies if I am breaking some etiquette

A few days ago, I had a disk space problem.

A few suggestions here in the forum led me to understand the need for system maintenance.
And some suggestions led me to this software.
It cleaned my system, adding quite a lot GB.
Now - I do not really know if this package is safe or not. I used it coz it’s on Arch repo.
I feel as if EOS wanting to be a welcoming for beginners distro, adding this as part of EOS will be a great thing.
Will give the beginner an easy tool to maintain their system - and feel secure that the script is trustworthy.

I would be very careful about using any “system cleaning” software. There have been many cases of such programs removing much more than the user wanted.

Apart from regularly updating, you typically don’t need any special system maintenance. It’s also a very good idea to regularly back up all your important files to external storage.

If you’re low on disk space, find something to delete or uninstall. I would usually start with pacman and yay caches, old downloaded files, and old log files.

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First, those aren’t in the Arch repos. That is a user contributed script in the AUR.

I took a look and those are some opinionated scripts. Meaning that they do things the way the author prefers them to be done. I would do most of those things differently because I have my own opinion on the way things should be done. For some of those functions, there are similar tools in the welcome application. For others, I think it is generally better to decide how you want to do those things instead of how the author of those scripts thought they should be done.

That being said, it is your system and if those tools are helping you, great!


Thank you both.
Yeah no sweat.
It was only a suggestion because I had a problem and got one solution.
I suppose some people like diving into their system more than I have the time too.
I thought it was worthwhile mentioning.
Many thanks

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