On my web browser, how do I spoof my location?

So sometimes you know how websites sometimes asks for your location? So is there a way to spoof my location and pretend I am in some country or something?

One way to do this is to use a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN
There is plenty of information on this site to explain how it all works.

Disclaimer: I have no interest in EpressVPN, just a satisfied customer.
I chose to have express VPN installed on my router. That way any device on my LAN goes through this router and I am Always spoofing my location. ExpressVPN is a paid service, but there are also free VPN services available.


I have protonVPN which reroutes every application through. So if a website asks me for my location and I give them access to it, then would it get my fake location? This is for my computer by the way not for my router.

I have no knowledge of protonVPN, but let me check it out first.
A quick duckduckgo search and it looks like protonVPN is a vpn service. When you activate the protonVPN it should ask which server you want to use. They probably have several servers around the world. Then what ever you choose will be where the rest of the world wide web thinks you are.

Go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and it will tell you where the web in general will see as your location.


I see. I know it will mask my IP address but you know how websites sometimes asks for your personal geo location? So if I allow it, would it still mask my location?

That would be a question for protonVPN’s service department.


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VPN will slow your navigation, I mean if you want real speed with VPN you have to pay for it depending on which use is for…

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I use Proton VPN on my mobile phone, and I’m showing up as being in the Netherlands, though a sofa in Sweden is correct.

Proton is pretty solid, but they haven’t got as many server locations as say Nord.

If the VPN is good enough for the scientists running the large headron collider at CERN, it’s good enough for my mobile.

I just have to follow these instructions really without using VPN.

Is the Opera browser an alternative? It has built-in VPN functionality. https://www.opera.com/hu/features/free-vpn

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or you have TOR browser.


I believe ages ago I tried using a VPN and a website asked for my location and when I gave it to them then it knows where I exactly was.

I think the way how websites determine your location (when it prompts you) is different from just searching up your IP address.

True, but using my method you can specifically change the longitude and the latitude of your fake location.

That sounds like an IP-Leak.

I think when it asks for your location the website, and you give it, from what I have heard, the browser sends additional information that is used to determine your actual location.

The end nodes are often compromiced by the FBI, so you should use a good VPN aswell.

You should use a separate stick OS/Distro or VR box to alter tour MAC adress to.

A farraday Cage, being nude and smothered in bacon grease might help.

In the end they’ll get you if they got reason enough by word use analasys, and such.

Is this for expressVPN?

I’m on a ricketty tram right now. Will respond later.

I don’t know if I understand tour question, but that is regarding any VPN that is within the grasp of the “nine eyes” ie those country’s reporting back to the US, witch pretty much leaves Nord and Proton.

What about opera’s built in VPN, it does claim it doesn’t log anything?