ogiOps, Solaar and Piper on Endeavour OS

Hi everyone,

I’m taking my first steps on Endeavor OS on a new PC. I’ve used Manjaro (and Mint before that) before that but a friend advised me to try Endeavor. This is to say that I’m not so familiar with Arch (Manjaro being nood friendly) and I hope my question is not too stupid or irrelevant.

So, i’ve come to get some help as I’m trying to configure my Logitech MX master 2s mouse for my newly installed Gnome Endeavor OS. After several tests, I’ve become quite distressed on how to do it myself.

My only goal is to bind some macro to (by default) unused buttons on my mouse.

I’ve tried to do it with Piper because I thought it had good looking intuitive GUI… Unfortunately it has apparently been broken for some times when it comes to change binding on mouse buttons.

I’m completely lost with Logiops as it doesn’t have a graphical interface and I’m not that good at writing down that stuff myself (which I wanna try to do in the future but I’m taking one baby step at a time).

Solaar is thus my last alternative, but I don’t get how I can bind my buttons the way I want. I’d just like to use the side wheel for tuning volume and the “gesture button” to simply use the Super/windows key, etc. Basic stuff like that.

Is there anyway someone could link me to a tutorial or show me how I could do that with Solaar ? Or, alternatively, link me to another option for an app with functioning GUI ?

Thanks a lot ! (And I hope this post i in the right category, maybe It should go to newbie ?)

Welcome to the purple cruise :enos:

I do use solar for MX Master and MX Keys here but never get into deep configurations…also it must be possible it will need some investigation to understand how it works:

and on 4 you can add options with right click on entries… but how to get this working ? i never tried…

The other way would be to create a xmodmap for the keys where you(same for solar) first need to find out how to identify the keys…
xev tool from xorg-xev can show keys when pressing but is also not easy to read…

Buttons 1-9 on my MX Master 3

the thumb button shows this keycode 23:

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Thank you for your answer ! I guess I’ll need to dive deep into it if I want it to work.

I wonder if those things are complicated to begin with, given that none other than Piper have a Gui for binding buttons and Piper has apparently been broken for some years

Maybe I could explore how to do it on Solaar since with your explanation I could see how it would work, it’s just that you need to test extensively if you do it as a noob lol.

I hope a good alternative emerges someday. Anyway, thanks a lot for your informative answer !

kind of offtopic, but I recently switched to a Corsair gaming mouse after 25 years of using Logitech (still using a MX Master 2S at work).

Logitech is great, I never had problems with them as long as I used only “regular” gaming and office mice. Now I wanted a mouse with more buttons, like the old G600 or at least like the G604 but I found no good software to do so on Linux.

I ended up with a Corsair Scimitar Elite, which is compatible with ckb-next - a software that I am already using for some years now with my K95 Corsair keyboard. The mouse was running with hotkeys remapped and macros created inside ckb-next within minutes.

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give some little info on solaar…

looks nice but seem to only support corsair devices.

simply try it … could be easier than I thaught …