'official' backup software?

Hello everyone, first post here, just installed this awesome distro and so far so good (probably, smoothest experience in decades of distro-hopping tbo).

Since everything looks fine, I’d like to set a ‘savepoint’ using a backup software: which one is the ‘to go solution’ in EndeavourOS’s space?


First of all: WELCOME !

As for backup, there are many options, none “official” but you’ll surely find something fitting your needs.
I personally use for my data BORG (community repo) and VORTA as a GUI (Aur). I configured it to take an incremental backup every 3 hours.
As for the System itself, I use Timeshift for snapshots.

On point releases, I always went with Clonezilla as a bulletproof full system backup, and added it to grub. Then you could always go back to start, in worst case scenario.

But with rolling releases, one has to change ones outlook, and learn to go with the flow. This took me some time, personally. Therefore, snapper and timeshift are much better suited in my opinion. The backups are also “flowing” and in a state of flux, same way as EndeavourOS itself is,

Understood, I’ll be then probably sticking with the good 'ol Timeshift. Thanks for all the replies!

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Sorry, I didn’t see the line that you’ve been at it in decades, haha.

But anyhow, The Beatles must have predicted rolling releases and timeshift/snapper already in 1966, because they describe it perfectly in Tomorrow Never Knows!

Turn off your mind
Relax and float downstream
It is not dying
It is not dying

Lay down all thoughts
Surrender to the void
It is shining
It is shining

no worries, I am still a big n00b, just more keen to learn rather than throwing they keyboard out the window :slight_smile:

My Linux journey began with Red Hat 3.0 (Hurricane), I guess it was 1996 or something like that, then the distro hopping spree started =)
I significantly reduced the hopping frequency when ‘work’ started to depend on PC stability :smiley:

and here I am now, perhaps my new long term home

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First of All welcome to the best ever Linux distro and the best ever community.
I am saying this based on my personal experience on Linux since 2000 and distrohopping for about a year where I tried almost everything.

I think, for system you can have a look at BTRFS, Snapper, BTRFS Assistant (you can do snapshots for /home as well)
For /home the best I found till now and almost settled on it for relatively long time is kopia (https://kopia.io/).

Give the above a try and let me know how it goes. I will be glad to help (though I guess you can manage and you are more experienced than me)

I hope this helps.

I’d recommend separating our your system backups from your data backups.

Timeshift works great as a “rollback” mechanism.

Personally, I use a combination of Borg and Vorta for backing up data. Find what works for you.