Offical repo discord, steam and spotify app issue questions


I downloaded Discord, Steam and Spotify from the official repo, and I am noticing what appears to be a few consistently buggy responses. I’m not sure if these are specific issues to the apps or if it has anything to do with the OS or any other variable I am unaware of.

Discord bug: I have discord open and minimized to the bottom right corner system tray. When I click the discord icon in the task manager to bring the background minimized discord back to focus, it instead opens a new instance of discord and asks me to sign in again. This happens consistently every time with this version. Previously, using the flatpak version did not produce this behaviour. Screenshot below

Steam: To view your own user profile or other players profiles, steam has a built-in browser that it uses to view these pages. Half the time it works and the other half it’s a black page. Screenshot below.

Spotify: In the settings, it has an option to make ‘close’ act as ‘minimize to tray’. I select it, but the app still fully closes when I click the X close button on top of the app window. Can this be addressed?