Odroid N2+ HDMI Display doesn't work if connected after login

I have a strange issue with my Odroid.
I generally use my Odroid headless so I don’t connect my monitor to it. I connect my Raspberry Pi to the monitor most of the time.
Sometimes I want to switch the devices i.e. connect the monitor to Odroid while the Odroid is still running.
But I don’t see anything on the display when I connect i.e. there is no output.
The only way I can see the display again is if I reboot the system and then everything works as normal.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

I have never used an Odroid N2 but is sounds like HDMI hotplug isn’t being properly handled.

Maybe look at one of the official Linux images for Odroid and see how it handles hotplug events.

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Is this a kernel thing? The official image uses a really old kernel

It may be distro specific. Check udev rules could be a start?

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i do not have the same issue here… just try it usually use a KVM switcher here to switch display but also when i do plug HDMI directly it turns on even without any needed trigger like keyboard stroke or mouse movement

Since @joekamprad doesn’t have a problem, could it be that the HDMI Monitor itself isn’t handling a hot plug correctly? Especially if the monitor is a HDMI TV then hot plug normally isn’t something that happens on a TV.


This is an Acer 23” monitor

:pray: work ok on Samsung 34" monitor . i unplug then plug back in.

Just guessing, but it might be a HDMI cable problem, e.g. supporting different HDMI version?
If possible, try another HDMI cable.

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I plugged in the same HDMI cable and I am able to see the screen normally now.
Uptime is 15 hours. My observation is that it stops working after the system is up for a while.
I’ll try again tomorrow and update you guys.
Thanks for all your suggestions.