Odd network manager issue involving VPN

Hello folks,
Running EOS with the latest updates and with the ZEN kernel on Plasma. Everything works, but the networking.
In order to have some privacy, I have my Linode server set up as a Wireguard VPN endpoint, i successfully created and exported profiles for my devices/users. I have my smartphone, my wife’s connected to that end point and a VM W10 machine.
However, there is something odd here. Downloaded the wg.conf file from the remote server to my EOS computer, tried to import it trough the network manager.
Gave me an error that the file’s name is too long. Well, I renamed it something shorter. Succesfully imported the file, and activate the new tunnel.
Here is where things aren’t how are supposed to be.
The network manager show that the connection was made, no error message, it even shows the small padlock on the network manager applet. But when the connection is active, I can’t ping a remote server, I can’t browse the Web.
The same file used I imported in a Windows machine, was used and worked perfectly. Hmm.
Went back to the end point Wireguard server and enabled the /etc/sysctl.conf to ipv4=1. Saved the change. Rebooted the server, but no connection trough the VPN tunnel still.
Also, I imported a valid and previously used .opvn configuration file for a Proton VPN server and network manager imported it just fine, but always gives the error : the connection attempt was unable to resolve.
Thing is, the same .opvn file is successfully used in a laptop running EOS with the latest updates

Anyone can point me in the right direction, or shed some light here?

How is your DNS resolution setup?

Do you have a firewall installed blocking access either of these servers?